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The Senior News began publishing over 40 years ago. We could never have survived without financial support from our readers. The choice of providing the paper by donation rather than by subscription was one of our founding principles and continues to be the best way to provide this service.

We are a very frugal operation, producing the paper with only one paid staff member and some wonderful volunteers. We request just $20.00 per reader each year. Some of our readers are not able to contribute, so we encourage those who are able to donate more, please do so. Help us reach our goals. Each gift, however modest, is very important. Please make your tax‑deductible check out to: Senior News and mail to PO Box 7624, Olympia, WA 98507. Our parent, The Thurston County Council on Aging, is a small private non‑profit that does not receive any subsidy from government or grant sources. Donations and advertising revenues alone produce and distribute free copies throughout the region.

Donations make us happen!